City Hall

Governmental Affairs

The City actively involves itself in governmental affairs, feeling it important to the community to track legislative activities at the county, regional, state and federal levels and work to present Murrieta’s point of view on issues. City Council Members and administrative staff participate in the work of regional planning organizations such as the Western Riverside Council of Governments and the Southern California Association of Governments. The City also retains firms to represent its interests in Washington and Sacramento. Innovative Federal Strategies assists the City with federal matters, helping Murrieta gain federal funding for interchange improvements, computer equipment for the police department and a literacy program to be offered through the library. With their help the City obtained Congressional authorization for inclusion of the Murrieta portion of the Murrieta Creek Flood Control and Environmental Restoration project, which means 65% of the cost of that work is being covered by the federal government. Emanuels Jones & Associates represents the City in Sacramento, keeping track of an array of bills the state legislature considers each year that affect Murrieta and presenting the City’s viewpoint to lawmakers, committees and their staff.

Economic Development

The focus of Economic Development is to promote economic growth in the community are directed by the City Manager. Included in these efforts are marketing programs that have been successful in enabling a robust growth in retailing, showing an increase in taxable sales that have more than doubled since 2000. A priority of the City Council and staff is the creation of a manufacturing jobs base. Much of this work is done through the Southwest California Economic Alliance, a cooperative marketing partnership including the cities of Murrieta, Temecula and Lake Elsinore as well as Riverside County. The City Manager also directs the Murrieta Redevelopment Agency, which has been active in making infrastructure improvements and creating affordable housing in the agency’s project area. 

For more information about the City's Economic Development programs, click here.

Contract Services

A variety of services provided through contract are managed by the administration department.