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Community Center

Center Features

At this location, residents will also find:
  • A combination tennis and basketball court that is also playable in the evenings under lights
  • Hunt Baseball Field
  • Hunt House is now home to the Murrieta Valley Historical Society Museum
  • Picnic areas
At the Community Center, individuals can:
  • Obtain information about the Parks and Recreation Department
  • Register for classes
  • Reserve a facility
  • Participate in any one of a number of activities

Additional information on the Community Center can be obtained by calling 951-304-PARK. You can fax the Community Center at 951-698-0502.

Renting the Community Center

With a 3,600 square-foot multipurpose room, kitchen, theatrical stage, and enough room to accommodate 250 people, the Community Center is the best deal in town. Call 951-304-PARK for pricing and room availability. You can also fill out a Reservation Form (PDF).